What is Bayyinah

Bayyinah Foundation is a nonprofit organization, an organization created with a passion to give back to the Muslim communities and benefit everyone who has supported our work. Under the Foundation, we have launched countless new initiatives that serve the community and communities around the United States and abroad.

Local Initiatives

Countless new programs have already begun under Bayyinah Foundation including those within the Euless Community. These specific programs are currently held at the Euless Prayer Center and although are not available to be delivered in other communities yet, could be the beginning of a new chain of initiatives that masajid around the United States may feel obliged to adopt. Below are a few of such new initiatives/events at Euless Prayer Center that Bayyinah Foundation has begun carrying out.


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Initiatives Abroad

Bayyinah Foundation has also begun sending out its brightest instructors to deliver talks all around the U.S and abroad, within MSAs and Masajid. A few of the Foundation speakers include Ustadh Adam Jamal, Ustadh Mahad Qamar, Ustadha Safiya Ravat and Shaikh Abdullah Oduro. We could not carry out any of these fruitful events and free programs under Bayyinah Foundation without your support. We would like to reach out and invite you all to help us in this cause, help Bayyinah carry out these key initiatives for audiences all across the globe and make imperative knowledge available for generations to come...at no price for the attendees. Note: Donations to Bayyinah Foundation do not meet Zakat requirements.